Compression Therapy

Medical Grade Compression and OTC Compression Socks

Bauerfeind medical grade socks and Sockwell OTC socks 

OKAPED Pedorthists can fit you with medical grade compression garments which require a prescription from your physician or specialist. For these specialty products an appointment is necessary to ensure measurements and material selection can be made.  We also offer over the counter socks that can be purchased without a prescription or appointment.

Bauerfeind Compression Therapy Solutions




VenoTrain® compression therapy is designed to provide long term medical effectiveness, excellent wearing comfort and great looks. Manufactured in Germany with premium quality double covered yarns, all VenoTrain products are designed to provide controlled gradient compression providing maximum pressure at the ankles, decreasing gradually going up the leg. VenoTrain provides effective relief for a wide range of conditions, from tired, achy legs and varicose veins to more severe problems such as chronic venous insufficiency.

VenoTrain® micro

Bauerfeind's most popular compression stocking is the VenoTrain micro. Made with 50% microfiber, it is particularly soft and gentle on your skin. Moisture is transported away and air can circulate to your skin, preventing any unpleasant build-up of heat.

  • with a comfort sole 
  • in standard sizes or custom-made

VenoTrain® business

The ideal companion at work – all day every day. Sitting or standing for prolonged periods can lead to heavy, often swollen legs and varicose veins. The modern compression stocking has been developed particularly for men and offers a special material combination for a high level of wearing comfort, durability and long-lasting fresh and healthy foot conditions.

Tactel® sports fiber draws moisture away
Cotton on the inside for first-class wearing comfort
Reinforced, antimicrobial high-tech soles

Performance and Training Socks

The Performance and Training sports stockings are specially designed to meet the needs of endurance athletes. The noticeable compression it exerts improves circulation in the legs, reduces muscle vibrations and speeds up recovery. Its light, breathable material feels comfortable on the skin. This makes it the ideal support over long distances, when running, cycling or hiking.

Improves circulation
Speeds up recovery
Light and breathable thanks to microfiber

Sockwell Stockings

Sockwell graduated compression socks have 3 zones of compression to increase circulation from ankle to just below knee. The seamless, but reinforced, toe offers exceptional comfort in all types of shoes. Stylish designs let you not be afraid to take off your shoes.

Sockwell recommends wearing moderate compression socks if you are prone to prolonged sitting and/or standing, flying, exercise and recovery, if you have minor swelling in your ankle and feet, and if you have minor varicose veins.

Okaped carries Sockwell  diabetic friendly socks which offer a relaxed leg fit, non-binding, and no shearing fit with an ultra smooth toe closure. A protective pressure-dispersing cushion, which prevents sores and unwanted pressure points in shoes.

OKAPED's Sockwell Collection. 





How to Put on your Compression Stockings