Arch Supports

Off the shelf insoles are designed to mold to your foot’s shape and provide and increased level of support over the stock insole that is supplied with footwear. Custom Orthotics are designed to provide specific relief for conditions that are causing pain or discomfort. This includes arch support and other foot conditions.  These are created specifically for the individual to correct problems in their gait.

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Form Maximum Arch Support

FORM insoles are designed to Form perfectly to your unique foot shape providing you exceptional comfort and support with a custom fit.

FORM insoles work to properly support your foot and help control pronation and improve shock absorption and helps to treat and prevent plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and other conditions of the foot, knee, hip and back.

We stock Women’s size 5.5-12 and Mens 6-13

Kneed 3/4 Arch Support

The medial longitudinal arch (typically just called “the arch” of the foot even though you technically have three) is shaped to ensure you have support from your heel to the ball of your foot (at the base of the big toe). The arch shape is based on the most common arch length and height for your shoe size. It is important you fit your arch length so adjust the size you have selected where necessary to ensure the proper fit. Your arch should have a gentle contact point all along the inside shape of the insole. People with lower arches (pes planus) will typically find the additional support of Kneed insoles to be exactly what they were looking for. However, you can apply weight to the heated product to lower the arch support to a comfortable level.

The heel cradle in KNEED2Be is designed to optimally connect with your heel and fit within the heel counter of the shoes you live in. The heel doesn’t push out the heel counter of the shoe, allowing the shoe to hold your heel the way it was meant to without slippage.

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