Footwear Modifications

Custom footwear modifications is a specialty service performed by our Pedorthists and our Pedorthic Technicians. We are trained in orthopaedic modifications of footwear to improve function, accommodate deformities, improve foot and leg biomechanics and alignment; as well as simply making your footwear fit your unique foot shape. From internal to external lifts, custom stretching, wedging, widening a shoe to altering the pitch and angle of your footwear, Okaped does it all.

  • Lifts: to accommodate leg length differences and angular deformities of the feet.
  • Stretching: to improve the fit of a shoe over various regions.
  • Rocker soles: to relieve pain in the ball of the foot, aggressively offloading certain areas of the foot or to improve walking by reducing heel impact or push off loads.
  • Ballon patches: to increase the room in the shoe not accommodated by shoe stretching.
  • Sole splits: to make the sole of the shoe wider so that it more closely matches the actual foot width
  • Excavations: to reduce the pressure on sensitive areas within the shoe.
  • Reinforcements: to strengthen an area and reduce premature wear.
  • Flares and buttresses: to directionally strengthen the shoe and stop the foot from distorting the shoe on the sides.


External Sole Lift

From 1cm to 10 cm, we can alter the height of a shoe to meet the requirements of a lift. Internal heel lifts max in most shoes at 1cm. After that heel slippage and improper shoe fit become an issue for most individuals. We will work with you to find the most appropriate footwear and design then apply a lift modification that will assist your stance and gait pattern. If you’ve had lifts done before you want replicated simply bring us an example. If you have a prescribed lift height by your medical specialist, bring it by one of our offices with footwear you would like to discuss and we can give you a quote. OKAPED’s Pedorthists can also do a full biomechanical exam and gait analysis to provide leg length measurements for lifts when required.

Heel Lifts

Heel lifts are an easy, discrete way to elevate a heel or reduce the discrepancy for a short leg by fitting the lift right into an existing shoe. The shoe requires some depth to accommodate the lift. These lifts can also be glued onto a sandal or dress shoe that is open at the back. Various heights, sizes and colours are available. Custom sizes and shapes are also available.

Rocker Sole Modification

A rocker sole modification to footwear helps to supplement lost range of motion in a joint, like the ankle, or help reduce pressure to certain regions of the foot. The starting position of the rocker, its thickness, how steep or curved the rocker is all are calculated into the design of the modification. In cases where the individual walks quite out-toed for example the rocker sole is also ground on an angle that matches this pattern. The sturdier the shoe the better the outcome with a rocker modification. Soft, thin soled footwear is not a good choice for this type of modification. Your Pedorthist will discuss the best options for shoe modification with you as well as recommend the most appropriate footwear to achieve the best outcome.

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