Metatarsal Pads



Metatarsal Support or Met Pads

Metatarsal support or met pads help relieve pressure on the metatarsal heads and reduce pressure to interdigital nerves and neuromas. They are pads or supports that sit proximal to the met heads. They can be added directly to footwear or insoles.  They come in various sizes to fit the foot properly. The pain can be a sharp, aching or burning discomfort in the ball of your foot. This can also be described as Metatarsalgia. The pads move pressure to the shaft of the metatarsal and surrounding area. By distributing the pressure more evenly it helps to decrease localized pressure at the source of the pain

metatarsal pads

Met Pads and Custom Orthotics

Met Pads are also commonly incorporated into custom foot orthotics. The role of the custom foot orthotic is to supply global support the foot structure, while the addition of the met pad can target localized regions of the foot with variables such as location, height, material selection as well as custom shaping.

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