Orthopaedic and Specialty shoes

Here at Okaped we have stocked a variety of Mens and Womens footwear for various foot conditions and to help accommodate custom foot orthotics, specialty braces and help in wound healing. We are not your basic shoe store selling retail shoes, but help solve difficult footwear fittings.  We work with clients to select specialized footwear solutions. The exception is our client favorite Sole and Vionic sandals. Feel free to drop in and try on a great pair of these supportive sandals. If required we can modify these summer supports with lifts, MT pads, or wedging for angular changes to the feet.





Dunham Windsor

Too often a classic looks comes at the cost of comfort. Not so with the Windsor. Sure, its oxford style adheres tightly to tradition. But its construction and extended size range are designed especially for those hard-to-fit feet. Add superior underfoot comfort and tumbled leathers and you have a shoe that always seems to fit just right.

Specialty Sizing Available from 8-18 B – D – 2E – 4E – 6E

Shoe Modification

A stock shoe can be altered in many different ways to improve its fit and function. We specialize in footwear modification services that enable many types of foot and leg deformities as well as injuries to be accommodated in most stock footwear.

  • Lifts: to accommodate leg length differences and angular deformities of the feet.
  • Stretching: to improve the fit of a shoe over various regions.
  • Rocker soles: to relieve pain in the ball of the foot, aggressively offloading certain areas of the foot or to improve walking by reducing heel impact or push off loads.
  • Ballon patches: to increase the room in the shoe not accommodated by shoe stretching.
  • Sole splits: to make the sole of the shoe wider so that it more closely matches the actual foot width
  • Excavations: to reduce the pressure on sensitive areas within the shoe.
  • Reinforcements: to strengthen an area and reduce premature wear.
  • Flares and buttresses: to directionally strengthen the shoe and stop the foot from distorting the shoe on the sides.

Darco Wound Care

The ultimate for off-loading lesions of the foot to permit healing of diabetic foot ulcers and infections. The deep rocker sole contains 4 layers of differing density insoles that may be altered for off-loading. Leather upper lined with Plastazote® material.

  • Rocker sole to provide easy ambulation.
  • Easy hook and loop closure
  • Sold in pairs to avoid sole height problems with the unaffected foot.
  • Permits off-loading ulcers, infected area, bony prominences on both the plantar surface of the foot and protection of other areas of the foot.
  • Allows health provider to off-load areas of the foot while the patient remains ambulatory.
  • Available in 6 sizes.

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