Ottobock Xeleton


Ottobock’s most versatile brace that fits the broadest range of patients and activity levels.  The aluminum frame can be adjusted, yet is strong enough for contact sports


  • Low-profile and durable poly-centric hinges
  • Strong yet flexible adjustable shell design
  • Soft foam pads and liner for increased patient comfort
  • Off-the-shelf sizes XS through 3XL fit patients up to 31.5” thighs
  • Anterior Tibial Migration Pad maximizes contact with the tibia to limit rotation
  • Angled posterior shell rests above the calf to maintain the brace position


Indicated for use following injury or repair of the ACL, PCL, MCL, and/or LCL; for conservative pre-operative and post-operative joint stabilization; for conservative therapy of chronic knee ligament instabilities; and for prophylactic use.

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