Rollers allow you to give yourself a deep tissue massage at home or the office. By slowing rolling over various areas of your body, you’ll help break up adhesions and scar tissue and speed up the healing and recovery process after your workout or injured soft tissue.




The Formfit®Foam liners contour to the foot and ankle and provide excellent support and protection to the injury or surgical site. They can be fit with rigid uprights or range of motion hinges to allow for some ankle motion if prescribed.

The Formfit® Walker Air provides immobilization for patients suffering from soft tissue injury; grades 2 & 3 strains and sprains, and stable fractures. The patented pneumatic system
is designed to increase stability while decreasing pain and swelling. The intuitive pump and clearly marked decompression valve make air/pressure adjustments easy.

Foam Rollers

The rebound Air Walker comes with Inflatable air chambers that the pressure can be varied in allowing for specific pressure to customize their fit, reduce swelling and increase stability. The linked medial and lateral air bladders use a single inflation point that provide balanced compression and are shaped to cradle the Achilles, holding the heel in place. Ventilated panels and moisture-wicking softgood liners helps keep skin dry and comfortable. The Rocker bottom promotes a natural, stable gait, while a trimmable, semi-soft toe bumper provides added protection

Rockin ‘ Rollers

These specialty Roboboots are uniquely designed for effective treatment of plantar foot ulcers, they enable easy access and re-fitting during wound care, while improving the patient’s mobility during the healing process. Okaped’s Pedorthists will ensure proper fit of these boots and when required custom modify them on site to fit structural anomalies.

Achilles Tendon Tears & Ruptures

The Achilles tendon is highly vulnerable to injury because of its limited blood supply and the combination of forces to which it is subjected. Current protocols suggest that immobilization and gradual reduction of plantar flexion are recommended in the treatment of Achilles ruptures.

The Achilles Wedge Kit provides an optimal solution for both functional (non-surgical) and postsurgical treatment of Achilles ruptures.

A Robo boot provides immobilization, protection and comfort, while the  Achilles Wedge Kit provides adjustable angles of plantar flexion that can be easily modified through the rehabilitation process.

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