Shoulder Brace

The Shoulder is a complex and difficult joint to brace. In many cases bracing is meant to help assist the shoulder to be in a more anatomical neutral position. Post surgical braces may be prescribed by your orthopedic surgeon with specific position settings as well as motion restrictions.


OmoTrain Shoulder Brace

The OmoTrain S brace provides secure support for the shoulder joint and strongly promotes mobility in order to restore function. During each movement, the compression knit and a removable massage pad (Delta pad) massage the soft tissue, thereby relieving pain, and activate the musculature that stabilizes the joint. Thanks to its direct strap system, the brace participates in every movement and is extremely quick and easy to put on. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in pain therapy, for immediate care for injuries, and for protection against further injuries.

Anatech Shoulder Support

A mild shoulder support to help protect the AC joint and also elevate the shoulder post injury.

ARC Universal Post Surgical Shoulder Brace

The Breg signature aluminum waistband is moldable to each patient’s unique torso shape and prevents anterior migration that is common with shoulder braces. The ARC® 2.0 universal sling design folds to fit every patient with one brace right or left, football player or gymnast. The ARC® 2.0 features 2.0 material for maximum breathability and comfort. 2.0 material moves moisture away from the skin to another layer of fabric for quick evaporation.

Common Examples of Use

  • For non-surgical or post-op shoulder conditions that require diagnosis-specific arm positioning
  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Bankart lesions
  • SLAP lesions
  • Glenohumeral dislocations / subluxation
  • Posterior / Anterior capsule repairs
  • Shoulder instabilities Muscle and tendon repair
  • Joint reconstruction

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