Unloader Knee Braces

Unloader knee braces address knee joint pain in specific compartments of your knee. Our staff will work with your referring professional to ensure that the brace provided for you will best address your condition. Braces in this category range from non-custom supportive soft sleeves with hinges to custom made rigid carbon fiber hinged braces.

For treatment of a knees with arthritis, unloader knee braces can often keep you active by reducing pressure to the affected, painful region of you knee.  At OKAPED a clinician will spend time with you evaluating your knee alignment, shape and movement patterns including your gait to help select the most appropriate bracing product for your OA condition. Many braces are non-custom and patient ready. We can try these on with you at the clinic so you can experience the fit and function of a brace on your knee. We ensure you are educated on application, functional adjustments and care of your OA knee brace no matter which model.



Unloader ONE by Ossur

Unloader One® is a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile unloader knee brace that provides excellent suspension and unloading leverage. This lightweight brace preserves the clinically-proven Össur® Unloader 3-Points of Leverage design by incorporating Dual Dynamic Force Straps that are easily fine-tuned via a Dynamic Force Control System. Color-coded Quick Fit Buckles simplify application and removal, while flexible shells and breathable liners, coated with Össur Sensil® Silicone, improve comfort and reduce migration, helping to ensure patient compliance. Recent research demonstrates that Unloader One reduces pain, improves function and decreases the use of pain medication.  Visit our Blog post on Osteoarthritis Knee Bracing.

Unloader Knee Brace

Custom Unloader by Ossur

The Unloader Custom braces are backed up by peer-reviewed studies that have the proven efficacy of the 3-Points of Leverage System by incorporating a Dynamic Force Strap that is easily fine-tuned with the SmartDosing® dial. The Adjustable Dynamic Joint enables changes to the hinge and additional leverage for optimal pain management. The breathable liners, with doeskin thigh and Össur Sensil® Silicone calf liner, improve comfort and reduce migration, helping to ensure patient compliance. The Build-OA-Brace option can be chosen to customize the hinge, shells, liners, straps, options and accessories for your patient’s unique anatomy.

Fusion OA Plus by Breg

The Fusion® OA Plus knee brace provides patients with medial compartment off-loading for unicompartmental osteoarthritis. It features Breg’s exclusive adjustable hinge technology, which provides an effective valgus load to the knee. The hinge utilizes Breg’s thumbwheel dial design that allows patients to easily adjust the level of offloading without using a tool. Breg’s ProForm technology provides an intimate, contoured fit, that keeps the brace in place all day long. Fusion® OA Plus provides medial / lateral, anterior / posterior stabilization and support.

Secu Tec OA by Bauerfeind

The SecuTec OA makes varus and valgus alignment and consequently medial and lateral unloading possible with one product. It relieves the lateral or medial painful area of the knee according to the three-point principle. This is done by gently applying pressure to the lower leg while maintaining a constant distance between the orthosis hinges. The SecuTec OA provides added stability for the knee joint according to the four-point principle: The upper and lower leg frames also work with the straps to counteract anterior and posterior instability.

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