Biomechanical Assessment

Your first visit to any OKAPED office when you are booked in for a Pedorthic assessment begins with a 1 hr initial assessment. It is comprised to two major components. The biomechanical assessment and the gait analysis. During this initial appointment we will also be reviewing your footwear so please bring in your most commonly used pairs for work, leisure and sports.

What is a Pedorthist?

Canadian Certified Pedorthists are healthcare professionals trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics. They specialize in the design, manufacture and fit of orthotics, footwear and braces for the knee, lower leg, ankle and foot. Their goal is to help you recover and gain full mobility.

Biomechanical Exam

This first detailed portion of the appointment helps us to make the appropriate treatment or referral recommendations for you.  During this portion of the exam the following will be reviewed:

  • Static skeletal alignment measurements
  • Lower extremity range of motion testing
  • Functional evaluation of joint motions and strength
  • Footwear evaluation and detailed recommendations

By understanding how your body is aligned, what limitations in joint motion exist or if weaknesses are evident, your Pedorthist can help direct you to the proper care or advise you on any in-house treatments that are an option.

Alignment & Joint Movement

At OKAPED our clinical staff study your specific anatomical alignment and movement patterns during an assessment. After completing a static analysis of your unweighted and weighted alignment we utilize HD slow motion video to capture nuances in your movement patterns often not caught in real time or by the naked eye. It is not possible to simply view arch height and foot shape and determine if or how a custom foot orthotic could be utilized and designed. Motion analysis takes years to become an expert at and is even more difficult and often misleading simply using the naked eye in real time when events happen so quickly. Your Pedorthist at OKAPED will review the video with you to educate you by showing you what is actually happening and describing why.

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