What is a Pedorthist?

Canadian Certified Pedorthists are healthcare professionals trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics. At OKAPED we use this training to help us as part of our knee assessment appointments. Our goal is to help you recover and gain full mobility.

Knee Assessment

Your first visit to any OKAPED office when you are booked in for a knee assessment is to see one of our bracing specialists. We will discuss your condition and what bracing products would best work for you. Knee braces are either custom made to your exact knee or a pre-made brace that best fits your knee.  Many non-custom braces can be adjusted to better fit you right on site during your assessment .  This first appointment ranges from 30-60 minutes and allows enough time to ensure the right brace is selected and fit properly and comfortably. There is no fee for this appointment.

Knee Brace Consultation

A knee brace consultation at OKAPED is a very thorough process that provides us with the detailed information about your knee condition, structural alignment and gait pattern. These factors along with your prescription and diagnosis help ensure best outcomes in brace selection and your satisfaction.

Brace manufactures are all slightly different and offer various fit and function benefits in their product line. These manufacturers entrust OKAPED’s clinical staff in making the best choice. We have always partnered with the most recognized companies who are leaders in the industry.  We offer a wide variety because every brace fits differently and your knee is unique or will often fit one brand better than another.

Seeing a bracing specialist at OKAPED ensures you can see, feel and try on bracing products to help educate you and make a more informed decision. It is the same for us. We can decide on the best brace for you whether it is for reducing your arthritic knee pain and helping you to ski on that unstable knee, or simply manage general pain and swelling in your injured knee joint. That simply can’t be done over the internet.


Your OKAPED bracing specialist knows the advantages of each product we stock and will help you make the decision on brand, size and when a non-custom knee brace will work for you just as well as a custom knee brace. It is all about spending the time working with you and your particular requirements. We even modify and adjust knee braces on site. When you purchase a brace from us there is no cost to adjust the brace in the future. You will never receive these benefits clicking on a size guess on an internet site.

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