Pedorthist Areas of Expertise

Okaped's clinical work focuses on conditions that involve the lower leg, knee,heel, foot and ankle. We are referred to by Physicians when our expertise is required for prevention and recovery of a variety of conditions.

As part of the Canadian healthcare team, Pedorthists consult with patients based on referrals from physicians, nurse practitioners, Surgeons and other healthcare professionals.

A Canadian Certified Pedorthist – C. Ped (C) – is one of the very few healthcare professionals who are educated and tested in how to assess, modify, design and fit both custom-made orthotics, footwear and braces.

55% of our customers are referrals from the medical profession.
45% of our customers visit us directly for custom care and treatment of specific conditions.

When to Call Okaped…

If you are suffering from chronic pain in your foot, ankle, leg or knee and want to find a solution that can ease the pain you should consider booking an appointment at Okaped. You do not need a Physician’s referral to talk with one of our Pedorthists.

What to Expect…

Our staff deals with a wide range of conditions that include work related pain, post injury support, arthritis, medical conditions and more. We are experts at assessing and fitting orthotics, braces and footwear. If you feel you would benefit from some expert advice to alleviate pain and improve your mobility and strength then Okaped can help.

Foot Conditions 100%
Ankle 80%
Heel 80%
Knee 90%

4 Areas of Focus

Our Pedorthists and Kinesiologist are specialists at the treatment of foot, heel, ankle, lower leg and knee pain.

Foot Conditions

Foot pain can be narrowed down by the location in the foot. Toe, Ball, Arch or Heel

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Ankle Conditions

Ankle injuries are defined by the kind of tissue, bone, ligament, or tendon that’s damaged.

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Leg Conditions

Leg Pain can be minor or serious depending on the symptoms and age of the patient.

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Knee Conditions

Knee pain is a common occurance from stress, injury, overuse, arthritis and a number of other condition.

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