Cold Rush Therapy

Cold Rush Therapy

Ossur’s Cold Rush Therapy

Tired of traditional ice packs not lasting long enough, or bag of frozen peas spill all over the floor? The Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Units are an incredible upgrade from anything of its kind. With a motor that pumps water at an adjustable rate (water temp) you are comfortable with, for up to 6 hours without having to use gravity like the old drink coolers. Get comfy on the couch or bed, and stay there to rest up!

Why use a cold rush compared to ice? The Cold rush can stay cold for up to 6 hours, giving you time to heal and relax without having to get up and down to the freezer to rotate out ice packs. The Cold Rush doesn’t leak, and wraps anatomically around the most commonly injured joints with the ease of elastic bandages that are included with the purchased pads. Many orthopaedic surgeons are recommending the use of Cold Rush units post surgical and request to have it the day before, or day of surgery ready to use!

The use of the cold rush is not just for surgical patients, but anyone who has an acute sprain/strain or chronic inflammation from an old injury.