Anatech Lumbar Back Support

The Anatech Back  Support is the ideal brace for people who need extra lumbar support. With five stabilizing bones specifically designed to provide more tailored and adjustable compression in the lower back, this brace is perfect for anyone suffering from acute or chronic low back pain. With generous amounts of velcro for a customizable and snug fit that helps take pressure off of your spine so you can move with confidence. Whether you’re lifting heavy objects at work or playing an intense sport outdoors, the Anatech Back Up will have your back!


  • Ergonomically designed to deliver maximum back support without compromising comfort and mobility
  • Helps to reduce pain and improve posture,
  • Provides relief from back injuries, muscle fatigue and stiffness
  • Constructed with power knit nylon durable for lasting wearability
  • Fits discreetly under clothes
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