External Sole Lift

From 1cm to 10 cm, we can alter the height of a shoe to meet the requirements of a lift. Internal heel lifts max in most shoes at 1cm. After that heel slippage and improper shoe fit become an issue for most individuals. We will work with you to find the most appropriate footwear and design then apply a lift modification that will assist your stance and gait pattern. If you’ve had lifts done before you want replicated simply bring us an example. If you have a prescribed lift height by your medical specialist, bring it by one of our offices with footwear you would like to discuss and we can give you a quote. OKAPED’s Pedorthists can also do a full biomechanical exam and gait analysis to provide leg length measurements for lifts when required.

Custom Shoe Modification
Rocker Sole Modification
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Heel Lifts
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