Ossur Rebound Foot Up and Original Foot Up

Rebound Foot-Up brace for drop foot is a lightweight ankle/foot orthosis (AFO) that offers dynamic support for foot drop or related disorders that require dorsiflexion support. The Rebound Foot-Up helps to lift the foot upwards at the ankle during swing phase. This helps to reduce tripping and having to lift the whole leg excessively. The dynamic support is provided with an elastic strap connected to the shoe by either a transparent plastic inlay placed between shoelaces, or by a nut and bolt fastened through the eyelets. The positioning of the fastening allows for individualizing the support and leverage by providing the option of positioning the dorsiflexion support on the medial or lateral side.

The elastic strap is adjustable and easily replaceable.

The Rebound Foot-Up Ankle Cuff has a smart clamp that holds the cuff in place and facilitates one-handed donning and doffing.

Foot-Up is a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that offers dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints. This revolutionary orthosis provides visible improvement in gait by supporting the foot into dorsiflexion.

  • Cushioned ankle wrap is made from a breathable,3-layer material that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time
  • Plastic inlay fits discreetly between the tongue and laces of the shoe and is practically invisible when worn


Dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints for which support of dorsiflexion is desirable

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