Rebound® ACL Knee Brace

The Rebound ACL is a dynamic ACL brace that can be integrated directly into current protocols, designed to reduce strain on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

The Rebound ACL brace is an evolution in bracing, designed to comfortably apply an anatomically correct, dynamic load to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Whether during conservative or surgical management, the Rebound ACL compliments protocols and supports an optimal biomechanical joint environment as a foundation for long-term successful patient outcomes. Innovative technology in the Rebound® Dynamic Tension System (DTS) allows individualized, adjustable settings to reduce strain on the healing ACL.

Intended use

Post-injury, post-surgery, and conservative rehabilitation.

Key features

  • Dynamic technology for knee stability, with a Dynamic Tension System™ that provides an agonistic, dynamic force to the ACL that is flexion-angle dependent (LaPrade et al., 2017) and designed to reduce anterior-drawer, promoting knee stability.
  • Specific load adaptation according to the patient’s individual anatomy and rehabilitation requirements Supported by clinical & biomechanical studies, the Rebound ACL is shown to reduce strain on the ACL during activity and significantly reduce strain on the menisicus in ACL-deficient knees (Tomescu et al., 2017).
  • Biocompatible, hi-tech materials including Blue is You™ patient touch points & ActiveGrip™ liners promote suspension & comfort
  • Lightweight, aircraft aluminum frame
  • Available in sizes SM-XL
  • Flexion & extension range-of-motion lock-outs
  • Posterior frame optimized for fit and support, with open anterior for ease of donning/doffing
  • Clinically-tested comfort, validated by end-users and with load mapping data collected during rehabilitation activities, the Rebound® Dynamic Tension System (DTS) provides a comfortable load to the posterior thigh & anterior tibia.
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