Spring Loaded

A bracing solution for all osteoarthritis patterns.

Spring Loaded OA is the first and only knee brace capable of reducing pressure across the entire knee. Its powerful spring system equips it to treat pain caused by all osteoarthritis patterns, including difficult-to-treat conditions such as multicompartmental OA or patellofemoral OA.

How Spring Loading Works

Spring loading is a fundamentally different approach to knee bracing. Instead of using a traditional strapping method, spring loading uses spring technology to reduce pressure in the joint and power the legs.

As you bend your knee, springs located in the Spring Pack absorb body weight and painful joint forces. When you extend your legs, the springs release that energy, powering your movements, reducing pain, and helping you return to your favorite activities.

Because spring loading works on the entire joint, any OA patient – regardless of their arthritis pattern – can find pain relief. Other knee conditions, such as meniscus and ligament injuries, can benefit from the technology as well.

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