Ankle Braces

Ankle Braces

We are all susceptible to ankle injuries, from slipping off the pavement or curb when walking to being caught by a bad challenge on the soccer pitch. Ankle braces are a common feature among athletes during recovery and beyond to help protect and prevent reoccurrence of an injury in the future.

With the technology of sports braces having improved dramatically in recent years, ankle braces are becoming more main stream and awareness of the technology behind them becoming more widely known. With so many variety of sports clubs throughout the Okanagan, there is  a need for a variety of sports braces that are fit professionally to help get athletes back into action.

How do ankle braces work?

They are designed to manage specific conditions and injuries, everything from simple strains to ligament damage to post surgical rehabilitation. The main focus is protection, whether offering compression to manage inflammation and pain or providing structural support for continued mobility.

What are the benefits of wearing ankle braces?

Following any ankle injury the key objective is getting back onto your feet as fast as possible. The use of ankle braces can help to speed up recovery time when used in conjunction with other rehabilitation methods, such as physiotherapy. The technology behind them allows the patient to stay mobile longer, with the brace itself offering compression to the affected area which can reduce pain and inflammation. Ankle braces work to create support without limiting control and motion of the ankle joint.

Which ankle brace is best suited for me?

OKAPED supplies various ankle braces for sports and occupational injuries as well a chronic conditions of the ankle.

Brace Sizing

Our commitment is to ensure your brace fits and functions to protect and support your ankle and foot properly. Each brace manufacturer sizes their braces differently and the measurements are done in circumference, midfoot height and also ankle girth. Ankle braces are not simply fit by shoe size. We schedule an appointment or do drop in fittings at our Pandosy office. There is no cost for a brace fitting. It is just the best way to ensure a great fit and at OKAPED we spend the time getting it right the first time.

ASO - Ankle Brace

The ASO Ankle Brace's remarkable support, fit and economy has made it the sports medicine professional's choice for effective treatment and prevention of ankle injuries. The brace mimics the strong support of ankle taping but is comfortable, easy to put on, and reusable. The ASO Ankle Brace fits easily and comfortably into a normal athletic or street shoe and its patented, non-stretch stabilizing straps actually mirror the stirrup technique of an athletic taping application. Fits either ankle.

GameDay® Ankle Brace

The GameDay has the following unique supportive features making it appropriate for grade 1 - 2 degree ankle sprains as well as protecting a chronically unstable ankle.

  • Durable ballistic nylon shell with inner non-slip coating adds support by reducing slippage
  • Optional semi-rigid stays provide additional support and stability
  • Easy to lace up and adjust without shoe removal
  • Figure-8 straps mimic athletic taping for inversion/eversion support
  • Circumferential elastic cuff contains loose laces and provides support/stability, compression and pain relief
  • Low-profile, streamlined design is comfortable and fits easily in athletic shoe

Aircast Airsport

The AirSport Ankle Brace incorporates clinically proven Air-Stirrup® Ankle Brace features, such as a semi-rigid shell and aircells, to provide comfort and support. Additional compression and stabilization is provided by ATF (anterior talofibular) cross strap and integral forefoot and shin wraps. The unique "step-in" design (toes first inserted into the back of the brace) and automatic heel adjustment make the AirSport extremely fast and easy to put on.  Right-Left specific fit.


The original Swede-O. Exclusive lacing system keeps the brace tighter, longer than any other brace for long-lasting support. Stabilizers may be placed in the pocket on each side of the brace. Heavy-duty triple vinyl-laminate construction. Provides great ankle support and fits comfortably in most shoes.  Fits either ankle.

Active Ankle


The Active Ankle "T2" features a durable, quick-fitting single strap system that is adjustable for both high- and low-top shoes. That, combined with feather-light E.V.A. padding that hugs every contour of the ankle, offers a sleeker, less bulky brace while still offering maximum performance and protection. Fits either ankle

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain

MalleoTrain® S
Active support for greater ankle stability and security during physical activity.

After an operation or in the event of slight sprains or repeated overloading, the ligaments of the foot are often weakened and require increased stabilization, which is provided by MalleoTrain S. The active support with individually adjustable strap system gives your ankle reliable support even whilst in motion and protects against the lateral twisting of the foot. Right / Left specific.

Benefits of the MalleoTrain

  • Increased stability of the ankle on the move
  • Breathable Train Active Knit for high wearing comfort
  • Ideal for sport thanks to the protection against lateral twisting

Still looking? We do have other ankle braces available for various pathologies. If you have made it down here without finding what you are looking for please feel free to contact us at our nearest location.