Ankle Braces

Ankle Braces

Ankle Braces Simplified

If you have ever rolled, twisted or sprained your ankle, you know it can take its time to heal. The ligaments of your foot have been weakened and/or damaged and need support. Getting back into your sport or activity can be painful and frustrating, the likelihood of reinjuring your ankle is higher than average. Don’t worry; even if you want an ankle brace for prevention, we have ankle braces to support your needs!

The ASO EVO speed lacer is our most popular for athletes. It has a unique stirrup strap that mimics the effects of athletic taping. The strap is anchored to the inside of the brace under the heel, which allows for better control of the heel to resist inversion or eversion sprains.

The quick lacing system is just what the name is, quick and easy application. The dynamic cuff applies pressure to the lower part of the leg and secures the stirrups to prevent sprains.

This is a great brace if you have a previous ankle injury and are active in sport or require prevention of injury; it fits in almost all footwear comfortably. If this isn’t enough support for you, there is an external hinge that can be applied for added rigidity. This brace can be worn on right or left and is made from nylon and skinloc.