Compression Sleeves

Sport Sleeve Compression

Compression sleeves offer better endurance for your muscles due to a boost in circulation and an increase in oxygen supply to the muscles which results in reduced muscle vibrations, less fatigue and quicker recovery times.  The sleeves stimulate blood circulation causing the muscles to heat up quickly which helps to reduce injury. Yet is built with breathable material for comfort and easy care.

All sleeves are sold in a pair, for some, this is a great option for washing and wearing if you are treating an injury.

All sleeves are machine washable, breathable, and extremely comfortable you wont even know they are there.

  • Lower Leg Sleeve: Great for triathletes, runners, soccer, football, and hockey players. Use your favorite sock without losing compression.
  • Arm Sleeve: Ideal for basketball, tennis, rowing, and baseball.
  • Upper Thigh Sleeve: Great for track and field, runners, hiking, and cycling

Lymphedema and Compression

Lymphedema isn’t just unwanted swelling, it results from the lymphatic systems inability to perform and function to remove water and protein from the tissues in limbs. There can be 3 main causes to lymphedema; developmental abnormalities (primary lymphedema), damage to the lymphatic system such as cancer/radiation, or infection of the lymphatic system (secondary lymphedema).

Lymphedema is a chronic disease that tends to progress through 3 stages. Starting at accumulation of swelling/edema in a certain limb, to a diagnosis of elephantiasis. Treatment for lymphedema is different depending on the severity and the limbs affected. Most common treatments are a combination of drainage, massage, exercise and compression garments or bandaging. Compression treatment for lymphedema puts pressure on the area where you have swelling. It needs to be firm, but even, pressure on the tissues in the area. The compression garment or bandages also act as an extra force for the muscles to work against. This helps the fluid to drain out of the area.

It is very important that the compression sleeves fits correctly; an incorrect fit can cause pain and discomfort. Here at Okaped, we have trained staff that can guarantee a proper fit with the appropriate material. Custom garments are available and come in two different styles. Circular Knit and Flat Knit.  Circular knit has no seam and can be made in finer/thinner material and most often, more color selection. Circular knit is the most prescribed with the lower compression classes (20-30mmHg). Flat knit is used when someone has a unique limb shape or feature, and can be made to fit any size and shape. Flat knit is also used when higher compression is prescribed (30-40mmHg), flat knit is usually made with thicker material and a seam to accommodate for custom shapes, and is much more durable and stronger than circular knit.

If you are unsure if you are a candidate for compression therapy, make an appointment with your doctor to make sure and get a referral to come see us. Currently our Pandosy clinic in Kelowna has stock of these new products, they can however be measured for at any one of our 6 Okaped offices and usually fit within days!