Category: OA Unloader Knee Braces

For treatment of a knees with arthritis related pain, Unloader knee braces can often keep you active by reducing pressure to the affected, painful region of you knee.  At OKAPED a clinician will spend time with you evaluating your knee alignment, shape, and movement patterns including your gait to help select the most appropriate bracing product for your OA condition. Weight bearing x-rays of the knee joint are common diagnostic tools your physician may send you along with as they illustrate the compartment(s) of the knee affected by osteoarthritis. Many braces in this category are non-custom and patient ready. We can try these on with you at the clinic so you can experience the fit and function of a brace on your knee. If your specific knee alignment is not accommodated with a pre-made brace custom versions are available though our brace manufacturing partners. At OKAPED we ensure you are educated on application, functional adjustments and care of your OA knee brace no matter which model.

There is no fee to see one of our clinical staff members for a bracing consultation. Our clinicians will work with your referring professional to ensure that the brace provided for you will best address your condition. Braces in this category range from non-custom supportive soft sleeves with hinges to custom made rigid carbon fiber hinged braces. The most appropriate Unloader knee brace addresses knee joint pain in a specific compartment of your knee by decompressing the effected region. The better the fit, the better the outcome.