Pediatric Non-Custom Orthotics

littleSTEPS ® Orthotics are unique to other prefabs with a deep heel cup and high lateral flanges.  They are composed of a firm yet comfortable material to minimize distortion.  The combined effects of these features deliver a stable foundation and proper foot alignment. 

Available in 12 Pediatric sizes. Okaped’s Pedorthists can custom modify this device to ensure it meets the unique support requirements of each child.

Foot orthotics for toddlers to teens!

Ages 1 – 5 Flat Feet, Toe-Walking, In-toeing, Coordination, Foot Alignment, Balance, Pain, Fatigue

Ages 6-13 Flat Feet, Growing Pains, Knee / Shin Pain, Osgood Schlatter’s, Sever’s disease, Poor Posture Postural Weakness including Knock Knees

Ages 14-17 Runner’s Knee, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Stress Fractures, Ankle Pain, Ankle Instability

Kneed 3/4 Arch Support
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Form Maximum Arch Support
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Custom Foot Orthotics by Okaped
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