What is a Pedorthist?

Canadian Certified Pedorthists are healthcare professionals trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics. They specialize in the design, manufacture and fit of orthotics, custom footwear modifications and braces for the knee, lower leg, ankle and foot. Their goal is to help you recover and gain full mobility.

Footwear Modifications

Custom footwear modifications are a specialty service performed by OKAPED Pedorthists and our Pedorthic technicians. Orthopaedic modifications to footwear are used to improve function, accommodate deformities, improve foot and leg biomechanics and alignment. As well as simply making your footwear fit your unique foot shape. From internal to external lifts, custom stretching, wedging, widening a shoe, and altering the pitch and angle of your footwear; OKAPED does it all. Once a Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis has been done a modification might be part of the treatment plan.

Rocker Sole Modification

One of the most common custom footwear modifications is a rocker added to a shoe. Once a biomechanical issue has been identified, like ankle OA and limited motion, the clinician selects the most appropriate footwear modification to supplement lost motion. Rocker sole modification design is and fabrication varies depending upon the region being treated or addressed. Three common regions of the foot addressed with this modification is pain or limited motion at the MTP joints (ball of the foot) painful or limited motion in the midfoot, and also painful or limited motion at the ankle. The placement of the rocker is determined by the location of limitation or pain. In essence, one type of Rocker sole does not best address all issues. Clinical experience, gait and alignment observation along with hands on functional assessment help dictate treatment variable.

Other Modifications available.

After the details of your biomechanical exam and gait analysis have been reviewed and a treatment plan has been devised the appropriate modification can be done to your footwear.

Common Footwear Modifications:

  • Internal lift, heel or full when footwear can accommodate
  • External full length lift or half sole lift depending upon treatment plan
  • Medial or Lateral wedging of a sole, full length or portion.
  • Shoe upper stretching for width, depth and in some cases minor length stretching
  • SACH heel modification
  • Balloon patch to relieve pressure
  • Medial or lateral buttress to help support the side of a shoe

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