Category: Non Custom Arch Supports

Arch supports fit by foot size can be helpful for a variety of foot related conditions. Some off the shelf insoles are designed to mold to your foot’s shape and provide and increased level of support over the stock insole that is supplied with footwear. Other types are supportive and “best fit” meaning that if you fit the makers mold, they have a better chance of helping you. OKAPED stocks a variety of non-custom arch supports because many conditions we treat and support only require this basic help.  These supports are very different from truly custom orthotics that are designed from 3 dimensional models of your feet. Custom Orthotics help to provide specific pressure relief, alignment correction and wound care offloading when required for conditions that are causing pain or discomfort. We don’t use step on sensor machines.  These are really just “marketing light shows”. There simply is no evidence they work better than the regular non-custom arch supports available. Most of these machines measure pressure which does not provide height or shape measurements. They really just guess at your arch height and arch support required. Insole pressure measurement systems have been around for many years, they are not a diagnostic tool and should not be used as such. At OKAPED if we supply a pre-made arch support that needs a little extra height or support we will simply add it to the device while you wait.

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